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We understand the value of Employee Experience and the impact it makes on the delivery of Customer Experience.

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Our solutions start with Upfront 30%+ savings,while providing an Enhanced Customer Experience

Deploying Next-Gen Digital First solutions is only a given in today’s day and age. Our differentiator is that we create an ecosystem that enables Engagement, Innovation, Transformation and Value creation for all stakeholders through a model of Trust and Inspiration. Our ecosystem of highly motivated teams engages with our clients to create an exceptional service delivery model for their customers.

The ways I can help you

Our Leadership team, with its deep understanding & execution expertise of the people Trust-Index broke the glass ceiling for BPO industry to enter the Great Place to Work, Best Place to Work & Best Employer rankings and also climbed to be among the top tier benchmark group for 10+ times across all business categories.


E-commerce Management

Both Retail and eCommerce businesses continue to thrive in this dynamic world. Customers can have different buying preferences based on various different factors but the only common expectation they have is to get an outstanding customer experience.
Our team has supported the biggest brands across the globe who operate in this space as a partner in their growth journey and as someone they can TRUST. We operate with our mantra of Skill-Speed-Scale as we know the businesses in this industry is all about it.
Supporting our clients on their Dynamic Capacity needs, Data driven analytics, leveraging Omni-Channel Next Gen Solutions, using AI & RPA and deploying Lean, Six Sigma transformation capabilities make us a partner of choice with our clients.


Technical Support

Our Technology clients are helping the world change itself at an unimaginable speed. They evolve themselves almost every day and they need a partner who has the understanding and agility to support them & their customers and operates just the way they do.


Revenue Generation

Team at VCosmos has an extensive experience in supporting our clients in acquiring and growing their customer base through acquisition, retention and exceptional customer experience which increases brand loyalty.
Our Digital Customer Acquisition & Retention capabilities can help you in better conversion ratios leading to creation of a larger customer base and also retaining them by providing them best in class experience throughout their life cycle.
Our team has worked with top brands globally in helping them create & run an effective and credible revenue generation model which is cost effective & maximizes profitability.


Customer Experience

We put the customer at the centre of the entire value chain as we understand every interaction is an opportunity to bring a smile to them. Our omnichannel digital solutions, analytical tools and above all customer obsessed team members deliver measurable and consistent results which help you grow your brand.


Digital Marketing

Managing digital footprint and social media presence is not really an option anymore for a successful business and we know that “a great brand drives an excellent business”. At VCosmos, we offer full-service digital marketing services to amplify your brand to its full potential irrespective of your brand needs. We are hyper focused on the CX and collaborate with our innovative clients as a true strategic partner to create distinctive brand experiences for their customers. Irrespective of what you’re selling – products, experiences, services, or social causes – there is a need to showcase exactly what you do in a way that maximizes your brand’s pull factor. Aim is to get people to talk, recognize, and buy ‘it’.


Shared Services

We invite onshore-only BPO and IT companies to explore VCosmos as your offshore service provider without having to make any capital investement in setting up an offshore services delivery unit to compete with the larger service providers who are able to offer more competitive pricing and ultimately win over your client’s business. Our Shared Services Offering will help you instantly offer services and compete very effectively as your larger competitors and gain market share. You will have the choice of managing your customised set up teams directly or opt for a managed service.


Content Services

Today’s hyper-social new world order constitutes of billions of social media posts every day, rising frequency of cyber-attacks, and increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals. Our Trust & Safety experts make sure that your content is legal, and your online reputation is protected via effective monitoring of user-generated content (UGC) using artificial intelligence and people moderation. Our machine learning solutions recognise patterns within large data lakes to create accurate data labels, reviews and fraud management.


Back Office services

With our team’s extensive experience of working with world’s largest brands, we can help you streamline you customer back office needs which will help you gain optimization, profitability and greater customer satisfaction. We can help you focus on key growth areas of your business by helping you take care of your back-office customer management needs through automation, implementation of RPA and lean processes framework. We can customize these solutions based on the requirements of our customers and the service delivery output they are looking for.